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Publications marked by the logo have been read and recommended by Amy - Founder.  "I'm not a counselor or anything, but these books have helped me walk through my grief and offered support and hope for me during this horrible time in my life."

A Place of Piece by Jennifer Hander                                                                                                                            One mother's inspirational journey to reclaim life after the death of her infant twin daughter, Alysa.                                                                                                                                                                              Visit Jennifer's website at http://www.aplaceofpeace.net. This book is available for purchase at local book stores or Jennifer's website.

A Symphony in the Dark by Barbara Rainey and Rebecca Rainey Mutz
The story of baby Molly Ann Mutz and how her loving family anticipated and gathered to celebrate her life, only to have it snatched away.  This book is available for purchase at http://www.shopfamilylife.com/symphony-in-the-dark.html

Angel Baby Journal by Carey Knifong
Angel Baby gives comfort to mothers who have lost their babies. It is a journal guiding the bereaved mother along the journey of healing. It includes information about the grief process, assists the grieving mother in writing her thoughts. This book is available for sale on Amazon.com or www.angelbabyjournal.com    "This book I'm sure will be of much help in the future, but I tried to follow and journal as it suggested, however it scratched that still open wound.  My suggestion is to wait on this book to ensure that you are emotionally okay enough to dig into those emotions."

Angel Chase and His Mommy's Sign by Colleen Severance
Written by Colleen Severance who lost her baby boy, Chase Thomas, when she was 18 weeks pregnant.    This book is available for sale on Amazon.com or www.myangelchase.com

A Decembered Grief by Harold Ivan Smith
Living With Loss While Others Are Celebrating.   This book is available for sale on Amazon.com

Empty Arms by Pam Vredevelt
Emotional support for those who have suffered a miscarriage, stillbirth, or tubal pregnancy.  This book is available for sale on Amazon.com    "This is one of the BEST books I have read and provided so much support and comfort to me.  This is a book I can read over and over."

For The Love of Angela by Nancy Mayer-Whittington
The story of the author's pregnancy with Angela, her much sought-after daughter. Early in the pregnancy Angela was diagnosed with Trisomy 18, for which there is no treatment and inevitably results in death before or shortly after birth. This book is for sale at www.00434a2.netsolhost.com/nancymayerwhittington.html

Forever Altered Yet Unbroken  by Kasey M. Carter
Author Kasey Carter and her husband lost a baby due to anencephaly. Written from a Christian perspective, Carter deals with spiritual issues following a loss, resuming intimacy with your spouse, subsequent pregnancies, and how to use your tragedy to glorify the Lord.  This book is available for sale at www.lossofchild.net

Forever Our Angels by Hannah Stone
Collection of personal stories told by the men and women who were dealt the blow of miscarriage. This book is available for sale on Amazon.com and www.lulu.com/content/216306

From Crisis to Purpose A Mother's Memoir by Tonya Dorsey
The moving story of Tonya Dorsey whose baby girl Alexxandra was born at 18 weeks due to PROM.   This book is available for sale on www.tonyadorsey.com

Giant Hero by Told by Angie and Cecil Bellephant, written by Tracy Ahrens
One couple's journey through loving and letting go of a son with Potter's Syndrom.  This book is available for sale on Amazon.com

Grieving the Child I Never Knew by Kathe Wunnenberg
A devotional companion for comfort in the loss of your unborn or newly born child.  This book is available for sale on Amazon.com

Holding on to Faith, Hope after Miscarriage or Loss by Audrey Carney
Over a seven-year period, from 1998-2004, Audrey Carney and her husband experienced a total of five pregnancies. Of the five, they experienced the loss of two babies by miscarriage, the loss of one by a tubal pregnancy, and through faith, they gave birth to two precious babies. This is a story of her personal experience while trying to conceive.  This book is available for sale on Amazon.com and on www.holdingontofaith.com

I Can't Find A Heartbeat by Melissa Sexson Hanson
Hope and help for those who have lost an unborn child.  This book is available for sale on Amazon.com

I Never Held You by by Ellen DuBois
A book that speaks to the heart of women who have miscarried. No medical jargon - just a book about understanding what you're going through. Forward and commentaries by Dr. Linda Backman. This book is available for sale on Amazon.com

I'll Hold You In Heaven by Jack Hayford
Healing and hope for the parent who has lost a child through miscarriage, stillbirth, abortion, or early infant death. This book is available for sale on Amazon.com

I'll Hold You In Heaven Remembrance Book by Debbie Heydrick
A companion book to Jack Hayford's "I'll Hold You In Heaven". This book is available for sale on Amazon.com

Losing You Too Soon by Bernadette Keaggy
Five months into her first pregnancy, Bernadette Keaggy gave birth to three beautiful sons. Tragically, they were stillborn. And over a period of years, she and her husband dealt with the pain of losing two more babies. This book is available for sale on Amazon.com

Misty, Our Momentary Child by Carole Gift Page
Story of the death of the author's baby girl who only lived a short time.  This book is available for sale on Amazon.com

Mourning Sarah, a case for testing group B strep by Theresa Huttllinger Vigour
Story of baby Sarah who just hours old died as a result of group B strep. This book is available for sale on Amazon.com

Our Baby Our Love Our Loss - by Kathi Evans, BSN, RNC
Shares the emotional, physical, and spiritual roller coaster surrounding the loss of a baby. Kathi Evans, RN shares her personal experience of losing her baby boy Peanut at 16 weeks gestation.  This book is available for sale on Amazon.com

Remembering Our Angels by Hannah Stone
Personal Stories of Healing from a Pregnancy Loss.  This book is available for sale on Amazon.com

Tender Fingerprints by Brad Stetson
Personal story of the author's loss of his stillborn son.  This book is available for sale on Amazon.com

How to Survive the Loss of a Child by Catherine M. Sanders, Ph.D                      
Dr. Sanders, a bereaved parent herself, offers grieving parents practical help and emotional support.             
This book is available for sale on Amazon.com "This book covers more than just deaths of infants, however the explanation of the phases of grief helped me understand more of what I was going through.  Please be aware that it speaks of abortions and murders of children which can be hard to read, but the book was helpful to me.  The book also has a small section for caregivers and support to the bereaved families."

Waiting with Gabriel by Amy Kuebelbeck                                                         
Amy, a bereaved parent herself writes about her experience waiting for her son to be born knowing that he would only live a short time due to a heart condition. This book is available for sale on Amazon.com.  
"This was the first book I read because my little boy's name was Gabriel as well, it was an inspirational book of letting go and saying goodbye."

Help, Comfort & Hope by Hannah Lothrop                                                      
Through her own experience with miscarriage, as well as through the voices of other parents who have been devastated by a baby's death, Lothrop takes you through the phases of bereavement - from shock and disbelief to renewal and growth.  This book is available for sale on Amazon.com"This book is a book I will read again and again.  Thus far, this book has offered me the most hope and comfort.  This book is full of information that is impossible to soak in with one reading.  It also has a large section for those caring and supporting the bereaved."

When the Bough Breaks forever after the death of a son or daughter by Judith R. Bernstein, PhD  This book offers bereaved parents the comfort of learning how others have navigated this rutted road.  It is the first book to assess the enduring consequences of loss and the first to shed light on the evoluation in values, perceptions and relationships that follow the death of a child.  This book is available for sale on Amazon.com  "This book was hard to get started with for me.  I cannot pinpoint the reason, but  as a continued if offered comfort and knowledge about the grieving process.  This book is about more than just infant loss, it covers all spectrums of loss and all ages of children.  The only thing that bothered or me about this book is that Dr. Bernstein believes in no after life and I could not imagine being a mother who does not anticipate the day I meet Gabriel on the golden streets of heaven."

Always My Twin by Valerie R. Samuels
For young children who have experienced the death of their twin sibling.  This book is available for sale on Amazon.com or books.trafford.com/05-0937

Cherry Blossom Tree: A Grandfather Talks About Life & Death by Jan Godfrey
A bereavement resource specifically for children.  This book is available for sale on Amazon.com

Heaven's Brightest Star - by Brooke Caputo
Allys' baby sister, Kate, lived a short yet very meaningful and spiritual life. Ally learns that even though Katie isn't here with her anymore, they'll always be sisters.  This book is available for sale on Amazon.com

Where's Jess - by Marvin Johnson  
When a child has lost a brother or sister, they are filled with many questions.  This book simply answers those questions.  This book is available for sale on Amazon.com"This book was given to me from my 5 year old daughter's teacher and it has helped with her understanding of what happened to her little brother, Gabriel.  She wants me to read this book over and over because I know that it is assisting her walking through her own grief.  This book is very blunt and speaks as a young child would speak and can be hard to hear when the wounds are fresh - I've had to call on support people to help by reading this book to her when I cannot."

Blessings of Barrenness - by Christi Kari
How to surrender infertility and pregnancy loss.  This book is available for sale on Amazon.com

Longing For A Child - by Kathe Wunnenberg
Devotions of Hope For Your Journey Through Infertility.  This book is available for sale on Amazon.com

Holding Onto Hope - by Nancy Guthrie
Framing her own story of loss, Guthrie takes the reader through the Biblical story of Job and guides them on a pathway through pain - straight to the heart of God.  This book is available for sale on Amazon.com

The Fragile Heart - by Shelly Rainey
Author Shelly Rainey shares her journey of 3 losses, the diagnosis of Chrons disease, and the loss of her job. Through it all she has found comfort, deliverance, and healing through the Lord. This book is for available for sale on Amazon.com

When God Doesn't Make Sense - by James Dobson
Dobson offers assurance of God's constant care, even when circumstances are beyond our comprehension.  This book is available for sale on Amazon.com

Disappointment in God - by Philip Yancy
Poses 3 questions Christians wonder but seldom ask: Is God unfair, silent, and why?  This book is available for sale on Amazon.com

Safe In The Arms of God - by John MacArthur
Answers many questions a grieving family asks following the loss of a child. This book is available for sale on Amazon.com

Forgotten Tears: A Grandmother's Journey Through Grief - by Nina Bennett
The revealling portrayal of a grandmother's experience of grief following the stillbirth of her granddaughter.  This book is available for sale on Amazon.com

Journeys:  Stories of Pregnancy After Loss - by Amy L. Abbey
Journeys follows almost a dozen parents from their loss through their subsequent pregnancy. This book is available for sale on Amazon.com

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